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You wonder into the forest and end up in a garden. A lady named Anita accepts you as their new Tea Servant.

Every customer desires their own blend of tea and it's your job to brew and deliver!  All the while avoiding hazards and keeping an eye on the time!

Everyone you serve has a uniquely generated appearance, you can even customise how you look by using your copy ability! 

This game was made for LowRezJam 2020, made in a tiny 64x64 pixel ratio! 


This game is compatible with Xinput devices including Xbox controllers.

Action Keys (Keyboard) Buttons (Xbox Controller)
Move Arrow KeysLeft Stick/ D-Pad
Main ActionZ, XA, X
Start/ PauseEnterStart
Skip talk/ Copy lookEnterStart
Full ScreenF Back


Game by Angus Beer
Music by William Burroughs
Special thanks to Howie

Super Rare Mixtape

This game alongside Fragment: Extended Edition  was given a limited physical release via  Super Rare Mixtape Volume #1!

Install instructions

Extract the zip folder and select the exe file. Press F to enter full screen mode.


Secret Tea Garden V1.1.0.0 32 MB

Development log


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fun, cute lil game that i really enjoyed even though i was bad at it. loved the avatars referencing past works. your games look amazing and are fun to play; this one's no exception. kudos on 9th place overall!


Trying to get around and play all the games I didn't have a chance to play already. Not sure how I missed this one -- very cool mix of Zelda and Overcooked. This game was a pleasure to play.

Thank you!