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Fragment: Extended Edition is an arcade survival horror.  

Rose Ilya enters an abandoned mining facility, where she must take as many crystal fragments as possible and purify them in the fountain of life.  On her journey down she'll encounter many crystallised monsters and doors to unlock. Your ammo is limited and your oxygen is running out, so you'll have to choose your paths wisely.

Reach the fountain before your last breath!

Super Rare Mixtape

This game is now available via Super Rare Mixtape: Halloween Edition!


  • Unlimited continues: Upon dying you'll be given the option to continue from where you left off, at the cost of all your fragments. Perfect for first time players!
  • Non-linear map: The facility is massive with optional paths and secret rooms! Use the in-game map to track your progress.
  • Limited oxygen: Your air is constantly depleting and can be only recovered by collecting fragments.
  • Difficulty modes: Play without your helmet and see your oxygen drain even faster. Or try beating the game with only one hit before death.
  • Time trials: The best times for each game mode will be shown in your records, perfect for speed running and for bragging to your friends!
  • Sound test: Listen to all the music tracks, voice clips and sound effects.
  • Full English voice acting with subtitles: Cinematic thrills play throughout this retro inspired adventure.
  • Controller and rumble support: Hear the controller beat to the rhythm of Rose's heart the more health she looses.


ActionKeys (Keyboard)Buttons (Xbox controller)
MoveArrowsAnalog stick/ D-pad
RunCX/ Press in the left stick
Aim GunXRT
Fire Gun (while aiming)ZLT
Jump (Context sensitive)ZA
Press Switch (Context sensitive)ZA
Map ScreenShiftBack/ View
PauseEnterStart/ Menu
Accept (Menu)XA/ Start/ Menu
Back (Menu)ZX


Charlie Works Productions
Angus BeerDirector, Lead Artist, Animator, Sound FX, Programmer, Additional Environments
Erin MakepeaceMusic, Logo design
James WillsEnvironment Artist
Paige Lucas-DeanUI, Social Media, Website, Best Gamer

Voice Acting Roles
Erin MakepeaceRose Ilya
Paige Lucas-DeanAnnouncer
David MakepeaceMystery Man
Angus BeerHelmet Voice

© Angus Beer/ Charlie Work Productions 2019 - 2023

Release date May 13, 2019
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorAngus Beer
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Arcade, Female Protagonist, High Score, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Speedrun, Survival Horror, Voice Acting, Zombies
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


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Excellent game!        


I really like what you've done.  There are a few quality of life issues I think would vastly improve the experience.

Screen options are limited to full screen or window, but there is no changing the actual size that I saw.  With such a low resolution style game (which I like by the way) I feel like being able to play in a smaller window would make sense.  

Pressing Escape ends the game.  This is unfortunate, as I always assume escape will bring up the menu.  Even knowing this does not help as pressing Escape is almost an instinctual habit.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.


Should have replied ages ago but I updated it to fix those those things. Window is now resizable and Esc pauses in-game and quits only on the main menu! :)


Good to hear!  I will check it out again.


Much better!  I was able to play and got pretty far.  It might benefit from some kind of checkpoint system, as it's pretty tough to get through that first level on one life with no option to save.  


Very cool! I wonder whether I missed any areas and if there are any bonus endings. I guess I'll find out in no helmet mode next time...


Great job guys, keep it up. 


i like the overall game but i don't like the control

(1 edit)

Having mouse control of aiming would be great actually.  I missed being able to do that.  Also, WASD for movement and SPACE for jump are pretty universal these days, so that would improve things.


i was anticipating a game where i'd be blasting zombies left and right, but i was pleasantly surprised to find its sparse combat and eerie atmosphere were reminiscent of classic resident evil games. also surprised to see it had an arcade element with a high score. only gripes are a lack of time bonus for finishing fast and awkward button prompts to jump. great pixel art and animation. loved the voice acting; the VAs did well and it really made the game stand out.


Thank you very much for the play through and feedback! :)


Good game, love it, it has a little bit of Metroid feel to it, very well done.

Hey thank you! :)


That was fun. It reminded me of Bio Menace. 



Hey no worries! Thanks for the play through! :)


That game remind me good old days when games were made for fun and challenge instead of financial success. Simply good, nice played shooter-arcade-horror that remind me good ol days with Dangerous Dave. Existence of such games keep me believe that game making is still sort of art  :3 . Thank You for that experience and game. Wish You success in all Your ways and beginings. 


Such a nice game! Very atmospheric! If you make it 10+ hours with an interesting story and maybe more puzzle gameplay, it could be super cool game experience!


Looks good, I'm planning on playing it soon. 


So I just played the entire game. I found it to be an excellent piece of craftsmanship, and although it was a bit short, the experience was remarkable. Kudos to all involved with it. 


Thank you! Let's hope what comes next is longer ;)