Patch Notes

I updated the game to address some minor issues. Here's a list of all the changes made over time. 


Spelling Error Corrected . Anita was meant to say "I wish you well on your travels". But I misspelled it as "our travels".


Removed a minor bug


  • Fixed a screen size issue.
    • When starting the game in some circumstances, the game would appear stretched. I now made the screen size reset upon start up in order to fix this.
  • Default screen scaling was changed.
    • The native screen resolution is 64x64. Originally it would upscale to 720x720, which didn't divide well leading to some inaccurate scaling. I changed it to 640x640, so it upscales exactly by ten.
  • Made the game save if you were last in full screen/ window mode. 
    • Added a sound effect when toggling full screen.
  • Refined the opening credits
  • Hiscore achieving was fixed. 
    • If your final score was the exact same as the previous hiscore, that would count as a new entry. It now has to be any number above the previous hiscore.
  • Escape now pauses in-game and quits while on the menu. I'm surprised I didn't add a quit button here before!


Secret Tea Garden V1.1.0.0 32 MB
May 14, 2021

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