Sunset Witch X - May 2018 Devlog

May 2018 Devlog

In this video I cover the additions made to the game which include:

  • Sunset Witch's Animations added. She leans forward and back depending on which way you're  travelling.
  • Sunset Witch stands on her feet whenever on the ground.
  • Health Meter added: 3 Hit Points until death
  • Magic Meter added: Every hit to an enemy adds a point to the meter. Every 100 Magic Points grants a Super Charge, a giant lazer that destroys any enemy it encounters! During the Supecharge you're invincible for a breif moment.
  • Xbox 360 Controller compatibility added. Triggers are used to Turn around and Face buttons shoot and Super Charge.
  • Enemies added: Wasps, Missile Launchers, Spread Bullet Plants, Spead Bullet Hives, Rail Lazer Guns and Snakes.
  • Bosses added: Clunky, Mole Mouth, Giant Hand, Human Statue, and a Demon Orb.
  • Backgrounds with parralax added: Hell, Eden Garden, Cathedral, Demon Face.
  • Sunset Witch's design updated to look more grown up.
  • Concept art for Stages in mind: Sunset Bay, Eden Garden, Sunset Lake.

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