Version 1.1 is here! (Subtitles & more!)


The latest update for FRAGMENT is here! This Revision includes several New Features and Bug Fixes! (Minor Spoilers ahead, so play the game first!)

New Features

  • Subtitles during the talkie segments.
    • On/ Off Toggable in the options.
  • You can now Skip Tutorials and Cutscenes.
    • The Shooting Tutorial has also been tweaked.
  • New and improved Death Sequence.
  • Title Screen now has a 'Check for Updates' Option.
  • Button prompts for both Keyboard and Controller.
  • Final Rush now has a Countdown Timer.
  • HUD Updtated with Inventory icons & Ammo Icon.

Small Tweaks

  • Press Start/ Enter Screen added to the Title Screen
  • Blood Effects  tweaked
  • Ladder Monster doesn't insta-kill you, it just takes a lot of health away
  • Turrets rearranged
  • Boss Arena is more Challenging now.
  • Emergency Door in Puzzle Room closes off screen.
  • Crawling Monsters no longer spawn Mini Monsters, as they would often glitch through the ceiling.
  • The first hallway now has light bars, which also turn red during the Final Rush.

Bugs Fixed

  • On Jump sections: Being able to jump backwards after aiming the opposite way. Fixed.
  • On Jump sections: Being able to push yourself down a pit by constantly pressing left and right. Fixed.
  • Pause Glitch: When in a ducking segment, Pausing, then going into the Screen Size Option would make Rose zip through the walls. Fixed.


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May 19, 2019

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