Fragment Anniversary!


Today is the 2nd anniversary of Fragment! The celebration is small scale as I'm hard at work on other projects, however I took the time to create a new pixel art piece! 

Something that might amuse you is I had a design that said "3rd Anniversary" on it, I was about to post here and then realised I was off by a year! 2019 was two years ago, not three! But it still made it elsewhere, just don't tell anyone ;) 

As always, thanks to all who play and my fellow devs! I released a new patch to fix some minor issues.

Patch Notes: 

  • Fixed some screen size issues.
    • When starting the game in some circumstances, the game would appear stretched. I now made the screen size reset upon start up in order to fix this.
    • The screen would re-centre when going from the menu to the cutscenes to the level. Patched it out!
  • Removed the "Skip: Start" text during the fountain cutscene. I've seen people immediately read the text and skip the scene on their first playthrough. I felt anyone who would want to skip would have guessed it was start anyway. 


Fragment Extended Edition 90 MB
May 14, 2021

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