Sound Test added!

Note: Bad language in the video!


Since confirming that the game was finished, I thought I'd add something to make the experience feel complete; a Sound Test!

This allows you to listen to the music, voice clips and sound effects. Including voice clips and sound effects that went unused in the game! You'll be spending your time on the title screen jamming to the voice lines and head banging to the sound effects!

Not too much was changed outside of that. As always, hope you enjoy! Best of luck to players and speed runners!

Here's the full list of Version 2.1 tweaks:
  • Sound Test added.
    • Listen to Music, Voice clips and Sound effects.
    • All audio tracks have their credits listed.
    • Unused Sound effects and Voice clips can be heard for the first time!
    • This option replaces the "Check for Updates" option on the Start Menu.
  • Pressing Esc pauses in-game, exits game on the title screen.
  • HUD Icon tweaks
    • Shift Key icon was made more clear. 
    • Statue Hand was flipped the other way up. Amusingly it looked like a thumbs down in the previous build, so I wanted it to look more like a thumbs up here. 
  • Voice clip "I think the statue is missing something" was added back into the game.  I made it play upon first visiting the Statue, to establish early on the Statue was indeed missing something. 
  • Start-up text changed.
    • New Angus Beer logo added.
    • New text added mentioning that the game is Xinput controller compatible.
    • Fade in effects added to the text.


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Feb 25, 2021

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sound test is a neat addition. something so simple, but lets the player appreciate all the audio that goes into a game. wish more games had it