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To celebrate the one year year anniversary of Fragment, a major update has been released! This update features an expanded game map, as well as new enemies, gameplay features and game modes. 

The original game was made in a short four month development period, now that some time has passed i decided to go back into the game and expand upon it. Many of the concepts introduced in this update are brand new, though some were ideas that were cut from the original game due to time constraints. The heart of the original game stays the same but this new update brings in many new features for extended play!

What is Fragment?

Fragment is a survival horror game where you play as Rose Ilya on her journey through an abandoned mining facility. She must gather as many fragments as possible and bring them to the fountain of life. After which you then head out the way your came through the emergency exit. 

On her way down she'll encounter the undead workers, who have turned into crystallised monsters from the facilities pollution. Your ammo is limited, so you'll have to decide between taking them out or avoiding them. In desperate cases you may resort to taking the hit and running through. Not every enemy can be killed, so the amount of fragments earned each playthrough won't always be the same. 

The facility is one big  interconnected stage filled with optional rooms, locked doors and hazards. The more you play the better you understand the game's map, in time you'll come up with your own strategies on the fastest ways to play.

Once you beat the game your results will be shown and your best records will be saved, after that you'll unlock new game modes that will introduce new challenges to the map, such as even less oxygen time and enemy rearrangements. The ultimate goal is to unlock all game modes and play over and over to achieve the best records, every time evolving your strategy.

New Gameplay features

  • New enemies, new map: The facility has been massively expanded upon with new enemies and traps, with a map screen so that you wont get lost.
  • Limited Oxygen: Your air is constantly depleting and can be only recovered by collecting fragments.
  • New Difficulty Modes: Play without your helmet and see your oxygen drain even faster, or try beating the game with only one hit before death.
  • Time Trials: The best times for each game mode will be shown in your records, perfect for speed running and for bragging to your friends!

New Game Modes

  • Normal Mode: This mode is for first time and regular play sessions. You wear your trusty helmet but your oxygen slowly depletes. If you loose your helmet then you'll have to retrieve it back or look for a new one, otherwise your oxygen depletes faster.
  • No Helmet Mode:  A mode for super players. Your oxygen depletes much faster without a Helmet with no way of finding a new one. You will be starved for fragments to keep your air levels up, and may be caught off guard by new enemy placements!
  • Aggressive Mode: You've played both game modes, now play either of them again with only one hit before death! 

Expanded Map

The map now has brand new areas and pre-existing areas have been extended and rearranged. For instance the original map ended with a fragment cavern, but now it continues into a laboratory. Some existing areas have been changed to prepare you for some of the games mechanics and enemies.

Some of these areas have been changed to make more thematic sense. There are elevators that are used to transport the tanks and mining vehicles. Some areas were added to make the place feel more lived in, such as the admin room and locker room. There are extra background details such as room signs, fences, posters and overgrown moss that moves in the wind.

New Enemies

  • Head lurker: A ceiling dwelling swarm of dead fragments, upon detecting you it will spit it's offspring down and consume your flesh. If you're wearing your helmet it will take it off. You can get your helmet back either by destroying the monster or locating a new helmet. The Head lurker is relatively weak compared to other enemies, but the challenge will be based on how many bullets you've got.
  • Belly leach. Another ceiling dwelling monster, these ones constantly drop dangerous projectiles on your head.
  • Super Monster: Many people transformed into fragmented monsters, but few have turned into a monster so dangerous. Upon contacting the monster he will Swipe his claw hands towards you. Every so often he spits out offspring from it's head. 

New Hazards

  • Bear Trap: A static ground enemy that upon stepping on, closes up and claws into you. After which it will disappear. The Bear Traps are different from other enemies as they're the only non-lifeform types. They make their presence clear by constantly beeping. In order to disarm, simply shoot them if any ammo is available, or crawl past them. If you take the hit then they will disappear, so in some cases you may have to take it as a last resort.
  • Withered Platform: Some of the platforms used for transporting goods have worn out over time, the faster you make steps across them the faster they'll collapse! It is possible to have them not fall, but you must be patient.

Visual additions and redesigns

  • Rose Ilya's Animations. Rose's animations have seen some improvements from before, including head bobble and more frames when firing and reloading her gun. Not to mention a new sprite set when she doesn't have her helmet on.
  • Improved Parallax Backgrounds. Since working on Fragment i discovered a much easier and better looking method of doing parallax scrolling. They also feature new sprite art as the originals were very much placeholders.
  • Unused is new. Many environment tiles from the original game went unused, now some of these tiles finally see the light. There are also a handful of new environment tiles too!
  • More moving bits. There are now overgrown vines which will breeze in the wind when you run past them. There are now wall fans that continuously turn and make a rattling noise on screen.
  • HUD elements. The font has been made smaller to fit more elements in, with new additions such as an air meter and time display. The in-game tutorial has also been replaced with the controls being shown at all times, with an option to turn them off.
  • Title Screen. The original title screen had a single image of the regular monster, now there's a scrolling slide show of the game's key art. When selecting your game mode you also get a visual on Rose with and without her helmet.

New strategies

  • The common monster aren't just weak to a headshot now, the more fragments you collect the stronger their heads become. And each monster will have differing head strength each time you play. You may have to resort to finding new weaknesses in some circumstances. 
  • When playing the different game modes, enemy placements and series of events can differ. Something that was once a background object in one mode may come alive in the next! You'll not only have to practice Regular Mode for learning the map, you'll also have to master the events of No helmet mode.
  • Sometimes it's better to stick to the ground so that certain enemies or hazards don't hurt you.

There was a lot to cover in this new update and i felt like listing as many of the new features as possible. Originally this was just going to be called Fragment Version 2.0, but with the amount of new features i felt that Extended Edition was more fitting. Whether you're a new player or returning there'll be new horrors just around the corner in Fragment Extended Edition!

Minor Updates:

Version No.Description Edition (Most details above) ammo packs, updated copyright information on the title screen, removed unused files to free up space


Fragment Extended Edition - Version 90 MB
May 19, 2020

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darn awesome game!