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The first finished game released by Angus Beer; Axria Retro World boasts four Gameboy inspired worlds of star throwing, wall climbing, enemy fire action! Journey to the Hidden Fortress in search of Scarfire, but beware his demonic creatures along your journey!

With many hidden areas to find and a great challenge ahead, Axria Retro World will keep you on your toes along Sarah's journey!


  • Colour changing & Rainbow mode!
  • Big Bosses
  • Hidden areas


World 1: Evergreen Hill
World 2: Crystal Glacier
World 3: Custard Amazon
Stage 4: Hidden Fortress


Z: Shoot a Star
X: Jump
Enter: Jump
Arrow Keys: Move


Concept, programming, design by Angus Beer


Phase Out (Trip World)
Masayuki Iwata (Trip World)
Tsutomu Ishida (Trip World)
Atsushi Mihiro (Trip World)
Manami Matsumae (Trip World)
Shinichi Seya (Trip World)
Makoto Tomozawa (Megaman: Dr Wilys revenge)
Kouji Murata (Megaman III)
Hirokazu Tanaka (Super Mario Land)
Graeme Norgate (Donkey Kong Land)
David Wise (Donkey Kong Land)
Alberto Jose Gonzalez (Turok Battle of the dinosaurs)

Disclaimer: This game contains music from already existing Game boy games, due to this the project is for non-profit for now. No harm is intended to the original creators of the music.

Axria © Angus Beer 2012, 2017
Music © their respective owners

Made in Game Editor

More information

Published Sep 02, 2015
Release date Mar 30, 2012
AuthorAngus Beer
Tags2D, 8-bit, Action-Adventure, chibi, chiptune, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, gameboy, Superhero
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly

Install instructions

IMPORTANT! Due to limitations with the program used, Game editor, Windowed and Fullscreen versions of this game are separate .exe files.

The screen resolution is 160x144 as I was replicating the Gameboy resolution, should the game run with giant borders all around, switch your screen resolution to 800x600.


AXRIA Retro World - Window.exe 27 MB
AXRIA Retro World - FullScreen.exe 27 MB


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