New HTML5 Port!


As of recently, I gained the ability to make my games playable on Browsers! So on top of making new games and experiences, I felt like going back and porting select titles through HTML5! 

Sunset Witch Classic is one of my earliest Game Maker Studio games, originally released in 2017 for the LOWREZJAM. Since the game was small scale it was pretty easy to port, so now this hiscore experience can be played right as you visit the page! 

A few changes were made to the game in the process: 

  • The game now says what the max speed level is, helping aid the idea on how far players should aim for. 
  • Enemy behaviour is slightly different
  • "Classic" was officially added to the title in-game. 
  • Controls menu was replaced with a Delete Hiscore option.
  • Gamepads (Xinput/ Xbox) controllers are now compatible!

If you've haven't played this game already then now's the best time to start. Let me know your best scores and keep on gaming!

Visit the game page here

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